In September we will start up the Spanish classes again.

We offer all levels as listed by EU standards, with programs online, in group or private.

Online: we provide training courses on level A1, absolute beginners, and A2, beginners. These classes are flexible on schedule and speed, and can be intermixed with private lessons as needed. The online courses consist of video’s, which explain the Spanish language step by step, combined with exercises on each topic.

Classes in group: four levels are available, from absolute beginners to intermediate/ advanced. Note that we only work with small groups, this ensures good progress in learning and ample opportunity to practice conversation. The classes take place in Keerbergen or via video conference.

  • A1: absolute beginners on Monday 10-12
  • A2: beginners on Tuesday 13-15
  • B1: intermediate Tuesday 10-12
  • B2: intermediate/ advanced Thursday 10-12

Private classes: most flexible solution, all levels, may be held in Keerbergen or via video conference. With private classes, we can focus on certain aspects of the Spanish language, or provide specialized courses for the medical sector for instance, and others.


  • Group lesson: €99 per month
  • Online classes: €69 per level
  • Private lesson: €50 excl. VAT, costs can be shared by participants
  • We recommend to buy the book Si Claro to accompany the course, it can be bought on, Standaard boekhandel,, and each book costs about €45. Depending on the level, you need one of these books:
    • A1 => Si Claro 1.1
    • A2 => Si Claro 1.2
    • B1 => Si Claro 2.1
    • B2 => Si Claro 2.2

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